Capsule Restaurant Reviews

[Note: these are capsule reviews; here are more complete restaurant reviews]


Index of short restaurant reviews that weren’t published on the Herbivoracious main blog:

Ristorante Machiavelli, Italian, Seattle, WA, Capitol Hill, 11/13/2008
Shanghai Garden, Chinese, Seattle, WA, International District, 11/30/2008
Blue C Sushi, Japanese, Seattle, WA, Fremont and other locations, 12/3/2008
Espresso Vivace, Coffee, Seattle, WA, Capitol Hill and South Lake Union, 12/11/08
Nana’s Soup House, Soup / Salad, Seattle, WA, Fremont, 12/15/08
A whole bunch of Fremont neighborhood lunch spots, 4/4/09
Costas Opa, Greek, Seattle, WA, Fremont, 4/9/09
World Wrapps, Multiple Locations, 4/25/09
Volterra, Seattle, WA, Ballard, 7/12/09