Espresso Vivace, Seattle, WA (Capitol Hill & South Lake Union) – Capsule Review

I’m sitting in Espresso Vivace’s new Capitol Hill location as I write. The venerable Broadway and Denny location closed awhile back, and was transported almost intact to 532 Broadway Ave East, in the retail floor of a condo development. They also have an outdoor location a couple blocks south, and another store in South Lake Union (see address info at the end).

I’m going to keep this simple: Vivace makes the best espresso in America. That might seem like an overly strong statement, but I stand by it. David Schomer, the owner, has devoted himself to perfecting the roasting and extraction techniques, down to the exact number of atmospheres of pressure. He literally wrote the book. His baristas are impeccably trained and almost always make perfect shots. The roast has a sweet, caramelized creama that is unmatched in my opinion. It is great in drinks, but at perfection when enjoyed as a double shot, in a porcelain cup, within a minute of brewing.

Go there now and have one.

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