GelPro Mat – Your Tired Feet Will Thank You

GelPro Anti-fatigue Mat

In professional kitchens, cooks stand on thick rubber mats that alleviate some of the discomfort of being on your feet all day. The professional mats won’t look right in your home kitchen unless you are trying for a seriously industrial look. But no matter, the GelPro mats feel even better, and they are styled to be unobtrusive at home. You can even pick from several colors to fit your decor.

I’ve got one in front of the sink, and plan to add another by my cutting board. They have just the perfect amount of give. Soft enough to make your feet feel great, but firm enough that you feel solidly planted. Every time a friend stands on it for the first time, they just say “ahhhhhhhhh.” And then they usually ask where to order one.