My Favorite Citrus Juicer

I use a lot of lemon and lime juice in my cooking, so I’ve tried quite a few ways to get that juice over the years. I’ve tried wooden reamers (ugh, my hand is covered in juice!), one-piece counter models (rarely strain well), and electrics (only really worthwhile if you need to do dozens of lemons at a time). For my money, this simple citrus squeezer is the way to go.


  • You get just about every drop of juice. (Tip: start with cut side up, then flip and squeeze again to get more.)
  • Easy to clean.
  • Doesn’t take up much space.
  • Simple – no loose pieces to misplace.
  • Catches most/all of the seeds.

The only negative I can point to is that it isn’t the heaviest duty item in the world; I do wash mine by hand (which just takes a second) to extend the life and I have used it regularly for a few years with no problems at all.

Find the citrus juicer I recommend on Amazon.