Hire Me

I accept a small number of clients for the following services. Email me directly at michael [at] herbivoracious.com to discuss. 

  • Vegetarian recipe development for restaurants, publishers and food companies. See this example of a recipe I developed for Pacific Northwest CoOp.
  • Product demonstrations, live or on video. You can see an example of my on-camera presence here.
  • Food photography. I’ve taken all of the photos on this site.
  • Private consultation with individuals who want to incorporate more vegetarian meals into their diet.
  • Short-term consulting with companies that need analysis of their websites, mobile applications or other products. I’ve been a lead engineer at Industrial Light and Magic, Silicon Graphics and Adobe Systems, and I’ve done all of the implementation for this website. I no longer wish to do full implementations, but in a couple of hours I can bring my 30 years of software experience to analyze your offering and give you focused, specific changes that will improve your product and bottom line. Contact me at michael [at] herbivoracious.com for references.