Leftovers, Recomposed (Couscous with Zucchini, a Fried Egg, and Truffle Oil)


This is one of those 10 minutes from refrigerator to table, not really sure what is going to end up in the bowl til you sit down, supper for one and pleased and thank you very much kinds of meals. Let’s see we’ve got a bunch of leftover couscous and half a cup of chickpeas. Ok, start frying some onion on high heat, add the chickpeas. Let’s see, oh there are these nice baby zucchinis left from the farmer’s market, cube those and in they go. Get a little brown on them. Add the couscous. Let’s go look in the garden. Mmm, a sprig of rosemary, some fresh oregano, and oh look, there are five ripe cherry tomatoes, nice! Hmm, but now I kind of want something rich in there too. Back when I first started cooking as a teenager I used to make a sort of fried rice for my mom with cubes of swiss cheese in it. Weird but good. I always remember that but I never do it. Hmm, I have some ripe camembert. Sure, cut some cubes of that and set aside. Now I’m on the rich thing, I know what we need! A sunnyside egg on top, so I can stir in the yolk. Ok, let’s plate that all up in my favorite old bachelor bowls that my buddy Eric gave me. A squeeze of Meyer lemon, Maldon (aka the world’s greatest salt) sea salt, whoops too much pepper, no biggie. And then the egg makes me want a little truffle oil, even though we all learned recently that it is a scam. Oh well, I’ve got some to use up, I don’t think I’ll buy any more. (There is a better article in the NYT archives but you have to be a subscriber). Sit out on the deck, mix in the egg. Happy! Definitely not something I’d serve to company, but it is good fun to make something just to please your own taste of the moment once in awhile.

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Posted by Michael Natkin on Thursday, August 9th, 2007 in Recipes.

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    August 10, 2007 at 8:12 am #

    Wouldn’t serve to company? I’d be over in 2 shakes if I knew the egg dish was on the menu. Very creative & beautiful photo!

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