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Rosh Hashanah Brunch at Noni’s – A Highly Anticipated Meal – Wordless Wednesday Three

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Ficoide Glaciale (A Type of Ice Plant) – Wordless Wednesday Two

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Wordless Wednesday One

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I Know What You Missed This Summer

I'm hurt. Crushed, really. No, no, it's ok. I understand. You had more important things to do this summer than refresh your browser constantly in hopes that there was a new recipe to check out. You were probably, oh, camping with your kids or hiking around Europe or running away from a hurricane or something. …

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Here are some other sites I enjoy:
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Everything Else

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Garnish – The Most Misunderstood Word in Cooking

When you think of garnish, you probably picture a sprig of parsley or mint, a sad radish rose, a carrot curl, or doodle of sauce, or some barely edible flower that has decorated plates for a hundred years – and still does in some quarters. If so, I'm guessing you don't spend a lot of …

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Potatoes, Chanterelles, Shallots in Red Wine Sauce – Recipe

I’d been ruminating on how I was going to use these heirloom Rose Finn fingerling potatoes from our garden. My first thought was to glaze them in butter with shallots and preserved lemon. Then the whole plan changed when I was walking past our co-op and spotted a huge bin of beautiful local chanterelles.

Sometimes …

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